Enlightening YOU - To Change YOUR Life Picture
What Is Inspirational Life Coaching?
Inspirational Life coaching is a practice that helps YOU the client identify blockages within YOUR life path and with the use of varying techniques, guidance and inspiration can begin to help YOU change YOUR Life Picture.  
Inspirational Life Coaching is not counselling but more a tool to assist YOU in gaining control over YOUR life and to help support YOU the client in resolving any past, present, emotional, physical, spiritual, problems or dilemmas.
It is a way of bringing out our inner selves, the child within, we so often leave behind in favour of being grown up and adult like. Unfortunately what people don't realise is that this child within is PARAMOUNT to our sense of well-being and happiness and personal stability/harmony.  If we do not allow ourselves to let go, be our trueselves, to have fun and embrace this beautiful child within, we lose our creative streak and it is this creative streak which we need to keep hold of at any cost.  As this is our licence/passport to happiness........
Whats YOUR Happiness Rating?
Whats YOUR happiness rating right now, how happy do YOU feel in your personal/family/love relationships, do YOU feel valued, appreciated and adored? how is work going, do YOU love your job, do you long for a change of scenery, fed up of the same old same old.  How happy are YOU when your alone and not doing anything, do YOU long for company, are YOU depressed by yourself, do YOU need to always be doing something to feel happy. Do YOU feel that lifes rubbish right now and is passing YOU by?  Do YOU feel you've missed your chance and that its all to late? How is money flowing for YOU right now, are YOU fed up of always being broke, do YOU want to move to a nicer area, need a bigger house?  Do YOU feel like your always searching, looking for the answers, how to be happy, how to be successful in life, love and career? Do YOU always feel like something is missing from YOUR life  Do you have an illness that prevents you from having the lifestyle that YOU crave? Are YOU trapped in a loveless marriage out of convenience and scared to change things, scared of what you feel you may lose?
It really isn't that scary to make changes to your life that will not only empower YOU and make you much more happy, fulfilled and radiant but will benefit everyone around YOU.
Whats troubling YOU right now and stopping YOU from fulfilling YOUR happiness potential ?
Anxiety - Do the nerves kick in every time you are about to do something of importance?, Do you feel anxious at the thought of fulfilling your dreams?, Do your nerves hold you back from the life you desire? Do you feel an incredible anger raging inside of you, Do you want to be able to say 'F@*k it, Do you long for peace and serenity.
Mental, Physical & Spiritual blocks - You can't move on – what's causing that, Have you lost a loved one, Has a personal relationship drastically deteriorated?, Have you witnessed a traumatic event?, Do you have a fear of rejection?, Are you scared of acknowledging you have a psychic gift?
Decision Making - Do you struggle making simple decisions?, Do you like to be told what to do so you don't have to make the decision? Do you fear taking control of your life just in case you make a wrong move?
Fear - Is your fear getting the better of you?, Does it stop you moving on, Does it inhibit your true self from shining, Do you fear being alone? Do you always need to be around other people, whether that's friends, partners or family? Do you fear making your opinions known to others in case they ridicule or don't like you any more?
Spiritual Growth - what's next with your spiritual development – what areas do YOU need to focus on? Why are areas of your development not working for you, even though you tried really hard.
Self Worth - What happened to me? How highly do you value yourself?, Are you always at the bottom of the queue? Do you always let others take advantage of you?, Are you always the nice guy?
Confidence - How easy is it for you to do things on your own?, Can you walk into a restaurant or go to the cinemas by yourself? Do you confidently walk into a room with your head held high? Are you confident with the decisions and choices that you make, or do you wish things could be different?
Self Love - How much do you Love yourself? How often do you put yourself  and your needs first? How many times have you needed other people to tell you that your special or that they love you just to feel important, to feel valued!? How many times have you put up with second rate behaviour from other people, even though it made you feel so worthless!?
Personal Development - Where do you want to go in 3months, 6 months, 1 year, 3years  from now,? What do you want to achieve? How can you do it? How will you get there?
Understanding Yourself - Does no-one 'Get' you?, Do you often feel like the outsider in certain situations?, Do you feel like you need to 'find yourself '?, Do you long for the day you can be your true self and to heck with the consequences?
These are just a few common problems everyone can suffer from, from time to time, but the list goes on and there isn't anything that cannot be addressed during a Inspirational Life Coaching session.
  What Tools Could You Learn?
1. Connect with your inner child
2. Find your inner peace and know yourself
3. Become more connected with the environment and the universe 
4. Utilise your intuition
5. Develop Insight and judge situations appropriately
6. Recognise unhelpful thoughts and feelings
7. Turn negatives into positives
8. Take control
9. Become more empathic
10. Create your own personal development plans/dream boards for all areas in your life
11. Feel happier in yourself and become happy for others
12. Find and develop your personal magnetism and see it working for you
13. Delve into your creative genius and put it to work
14. Develop your confidence and self worth
15. Love yourself and others with profound chain reactions that will ricochet out to all your relationships and indeed the world
16. Respect yours and other peoples boundaries 
17. Develop trust in yourself and others
With all these valuable tools, help and support, YOU will be able to turn your life around, stop the stagnation, procrastination and blame and become the person YOU knew you could be.  Once YOU have identified what's stopping YOU moving on, a new found sense of direction, purpose and passion will enfold around YOU. With a clearer mind and free from burden, a new found confidence, optimism and positivity will exude your being and everyone will comment on this transformation, opening doors of opportunity for YOU where ever YOU go.
If  YOU are in need of getting your life back on track and would welcome some Inspiration, support and guidance, then contact JoJo. Booking is easy from this website alternatively send her an email or give her a ring to discuss your own personal plan.  Remember, Happiness is already inside YOU, I just need to help YOU show it to the world.  

Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day :) 
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us......"
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