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What Is Meditation?
Many people have very differing ideas of what meditation is and indeed may wonder what it can do for them.  Some people may have visions of monks sat in silence in beautiful temples in far away places, while some may believe it to be of a religious custom and others may just think they have to be doing it for several years to reap any reward from it.  Meditation is simply a choice to focus your mind on something, whether that be reading a book, watching a movie, thinking about a conversation with a friend or lover or listening to a cd or any other form of music....Focusing intently and carefully on which fruit to buy in the grocery shop is even a form of meditation.............
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Your mind and the reality currently surrounding you  'this moment now' are in constant change as are our emotions.  Every millisecond of our lives we are creating and recreating our realities by what we think, feel and talk about within our environments, and these then become our 'Realities'. Over time our minds develop habits in regards to what we think, talk and feel about various topics, situations, people, jobs, politics, happiness, punishment, enjoyment, religion, anger, poverty, material possessions, wealth, sex, etc etc etc ..........For example if you are a worrier you may like to watch violent crimes on T.V that further compound this notion that we live in a violent society and we all need to be careful of being attacked, manipulated, abused or worse...................You may fantasize a lot about how you would like your life to be and as a result watch romantic films and read romantic novels that collaborate this feeling in you............therefore the question is 'what are you choosing to meditate on?'...............
Utilising the knowledge that us humans are always thinking, taking in information and creating experiences, we can CREATE richer and much more rewarding lives for ourselves.  For as long as we are always thinking, why not focus our minds on more positive and beneficial subjects and use meditation to positively control how our mind and emotions work on a mental, physical and spiritual level.
Meditation is nor religious, mystical or inaccessible or reserved for any particular type of person, it is a down to earth and practical practice designed to help individuals cope with medical problems, stress, and anxiety by way of thought, contemplation, and reflection.
Benefits of Meditation 

Some of the physical benefits of meditation include decrease in blood pressure and an improvement in breathing due to the increase of air flow that gets to the lungs.  Meditating regularly increases the benefits and people also find that their chemical rates within the body and resting heart rates are also lower, which in return takes some of the stress off the heart and reduces anxiety.  
 Meditation also promotes youthful skin and a youthful radiant appearance proving that meditation is not only a practice that brings about physical benefits, but psychological benefits as well. Bringing oneself to a state of oneness through meditation has amazing effects on the psych of a person and although relaxation and a decrease in stress are rather obvious benefits, a profound state of peacefulness, happiness, oneness, calmness and a deep sense of love for oneself and others are additional.  Meditation can also improve moods, memory, anger issues and depression, you can use it to become more aware of your body n mind, to balance your emotions, to heal psychological problems or to contemplate the mysteries of life.  
If you think that Meditation could help YOU then JoJo can teach you some simple techniques to quieten down your mind and allow you to deeply relax and think of nothing or indeed think of something, through guided, contemplatory or mantra meditation.  These ways wont include, unless you really want to, sitting cross legged in the Lotus position, sitting naked on a mountain, or reciting anything that means nothing to you...........They will however include ways that work for you and you alone and will not incorporate anything you feel uncomfortable with...........The whole point of meditation is that you are comfortable, that you enjoy it and that you get the most from it, and that's it............I have been taught many different ways by many different teachers, everyone offering there unique spin on the perfect or most imperfect way to meditate.  I have found that the majority of these ways served no additional purpose at all and the best way, for me, was when i felt relaxed, comfortable and was a willing participant.  
If there was one thing i could offer most people the option to learn, it would be Meditation.......from a state of bliss, one can achieve anything and ones life radically appears infinitely better. With continued practice, meditation will fast become the lifeblood of your daily lives and you will wonder how you ever managed without it.
  Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day :) 

"Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave......."
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