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Who Is JoJo?
JoJo is a lady with a passion and a purpose for helping other people, young or old, male or female.  She is someone who didn't just graduate from university with qualifications but someone who has had hands on learning which was so severe and ingrained on her life that she felt she had no choice but to help others.  It is through her life experiences and the choices that she made that she has learnt the valuable life changing tools and qualifications that enable her to help YOU gain a better and brighter understanding of your life and assist YOU to Change YOUR Life Picture
From birth JoJo's life had appeared to be one of struggle coming into the world with the cord wrapped around her neck 3 times and gasping for breath................and although struggle became her life path...... her destiny..........the way it just was for her...........she proved that if  YOU really want to, YOU can overturn any negative situation and Create A New Life Picture.
It doesn't require you winning the lottery or meeting the man/woman of your dreams nor does it  necessitate you getting your dream job, it just requires a few alterations in your mindset, your way of thinking, to be able to see life in a much more desirable way and then indeed to be able to get more out of  YOUR life.  A Life in which YOU want to participate in, one that excites YOU and entices YOU to jump in feet first into all the new opportunities that are there waiting, waiting for you to realise that they were always there in the first place......you just didn't have the eyes to see them.......then...........
There is nothing that JoJo has not suffered or witnessed and although the full extent of her strength can be read about in her new book,"The Truth Seeker" (out soon), she does not and will not hide/deny any part of her life for as she reveals, its made her the strong, inspirational, happy, positive and loving person she is today.  There is nothing she is ashamed of or not willing to discuss or disclose in order to help someone else move on in their life.  She whole heartedly believes that the life path she has led so far so as enabled her to gain exponential hands on learning, experience in which she can now use to best help other people with their life difficulties and challenges.  JoJo believes that without this learning in her life she would not have been able to help herself, let alone feel qualified to help others.
"Live your life from your heart. Share from your heart. And your story will touch and heal people's souls". ~ Melody Beattie
What kind of difficulties might JoJo have experienced In her life which could help YOU?
JoJo has overcome numerous difficulties in her life, from severe ill health and multiple severe surgeries, from keeping herself out of a wheelchair even though her scoliotic, arthritic and disk degenerative diseased spine was over 100% bent and was threatening to crush her internal organs.  From having most of her bowel and Gall bladder removed for two problems to then develop her 38 different food intolerances, leaky gut and acidosis as a result of the operations 
From a violent, sexually, mentally and adulterous abusive marriage to going to university at the age of 26 (after years of night school and collage to get back her GCSE's and A levels she had missed at school)  To losing everything she ever thought she wanted and worked for materially and financially in her second controlling marriage. 
JoJo has also suffered at the hands of other experts, doctors, surgeons and healers  when she was convinced into having operations that she supposedly needed which had catastrophic results on her health and life to being sexually assaulted/abused by a professional healer/medium from her church.  
From one young daughter suffering a severe blood disorder and being regularly hospitalised having blood transfusions, having her spleen and appendix removed, to her other younger daughter developing the same food intolerances as JoJo, moderate hearing difficulties and living with receptive and pragmatic learning difficulties (mild Autism).  
It is only after experiencing all this and so much more that JoJo finally found 'Spiritual and Reiki Healing' and it opened a gateway for her like nothing else had ever done previously.  She left her corporate world of Information Technology behind as she was finally able to begin the journey to unburden herself from her baggage that had held her down for so long and begin to see her life in a new light.  From there, JoJo got the bug and wanted to learn all new ways of being and healing the body so she not only read countless books, she trained to be a Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Therapist, EFT Practitioner and became an Inspirational Life Coach.  She wanted to learn about all things holistic, how the body could heal itself and she used these tools, her life experience, books and courses to help her find her way through her own life and her pain.  With the help of all these tools JoJo was finally able to see her life in a new way, a way in which she couldn't possibly have comprehended before, a new life, that was lighter and brighter in every way.
"There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature.  A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with". ~ Harry Crews
Where Our Mind Wonders Our Thoughts Go..........
Though this is a very condensed version of JoJo's life and outline a few of the struggles/experiences she has faced in her 43 years, she doesn't believe in dwelling in the past as she rightly says 'She doesn't live there now' and all those experiences feel like they happened to someone else. She BELIEVES that the human spirit can endure anything and get through it..........and if we only changed our mindset even slightly, we can not only get through those testing times in a much more positive and productive manner  but we can rise above them to become stronger, more loving, empathic, courageous, positive, happy  and determined than ever before with a new found sense of purpose of what is really important to us and what our life is really about.......whilst simultaneously opening new doors or opportunity and allowing life to flow in a much more relaxed and easy way.
"How you experience your life depends on how you look at it. If you look at it as a constant stream of difficulties and challenges, messes and problems, it will show up that way. If, on the other hand, you see it as a continuing flow of good fortune, one good thing after another, that is what you will encounter"...... Neale Donald Walsch
"I'm not the me I was in my past I'm a better me because of my past"
What I have learnt  in my life is invaluable and I will show YOU how to turn your life around and attract only the positive into YOUR life.  I learnt what some may term, the hard way and can now look at my past as a very positive experience as it has not only allowed me to change my life for the better it has indeed allowed me to help other people who may be going through the same experiences I was. 
"YOU cant live a positive life with a negative mindset"
Although my soul was always strong, as is yours, it has to be to get through those challenging times....the components I did lack however was love and trust....love for myself and trust of my own judgements and in a higher universal law, Karma.  This showed itself through my thought patterns I kept attracting the same sort of struggles into my life, because although I thought I was being  tough and coping with everything Iwasn't doing much to change my  subconscious behaviour patterns and I wasn't being honest about what I truly needed and wanted. Instead I ignored my needs and concentrated on other peoples and not being true to myself, not loving myself is what I feel made me un-confident, have no self worth, feel ugly, useless and an easy target for controlling and manipulative people to take advantage of as well as creating many unsatisfactory situations in my life. 
Had I known a different way back then I know my decisions would have been very different and I would not have attracted all that was difficult and challenging into my life............Do you often catch yourself saying 'Oh this is just how my life is, it always goes wrong for me, bad things like this happen to me all the time, there's nothing I can do about it, I've made my bed I have to lie in it, How could I have another life, its too difficult to move on, to change?' Then please know there is another more positive and productive way to approaching your life that can save you much heartache, misery and upset.
"Healing yourself is connected with healing others"  ~ Yoko Ono
Its never to late to Change YOUR Life....... Let JoJo help Enlighten YOU so YOU can Change Your Life Picture......to reflect the Beautiful, Loving and Inspiring Spirit that YOU really are.
"To be a star you must shine your own light, follow your own path and do not be afraid of the darkness for that is when stars shine brightest"
Thanks for visiting and have a lovely day :) 

"A true hero isn't measured by the amount of his strength but by the strength of his heart"......
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